Welcome to New Black Narrative, where success is the only conversation. This site is a dedication to black achievement from around the world.


Too often we talk about the negative, and sometimes stupid, details in the black experience (who they are dating, what clothes they were wearing, how their hair was done) instead of focusing on the fact that we are, even today, accomplishing great things.

This site attempts to highlight the tremendous achievements that showcase the positive contributions of black people to society beyond the sports and music arena, and how they continue to do so. Hopefully it will inspire more firsts and more great achievements.

Impressions of who we are are made by what is presented of us. We can change perceptions of what black is by presenting more educated, informed, creative, innovative images. The more we flood all types of media with our positive side, the more likely they are to view us as what we really are–a talented, creative, intelligent people. Our children will celebrate achievement, not thuggery; and embrace kindness, not hooliganism. It’s time to remind them that we are descendents of a great people, who have paved the road to success for many, and for ourselves. In remembering who we are, we strengthen our legacy!

Please note carefully, if you are interested in tearing down people, there are myriads of other pages to do that on. Unnecessary mean comments will be deleted!

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