Gregory Lowe II

Gregory Lowe II

African-American Gregory Lowe II is the CEO of Lowekey Media, a mobile technology agency that uses digital thinking to reach a multicultural audience.

Gregory Lowe (Photo: Gregory Lowe)
Gregory Lowe II (Photo: Gregory Lowe II)

In 2009 he developed the award-winning iPhone app iFLYPT, an app which allows you to personalize and remix music on your iPhone.  Lowe negotiated with Sony, Warner, Universal, and EMI record labels, and fellow music publishers, Sony/ATV, Warner-Chappell, Universal, and EMI, to obtain licensing deals that ensured that his app could offer millions of songs to its users.

In 2012 he released Songbooth, an app that allows users to follow, comment, like, and play music from other users. The app was downloaded over 8+ million times worldwide. He was included in Fast Company Magazine’s Most Creative People in Business list of 2014.

In the quest to provide a better user experience for users, he founded Fitbox, a subscription box and lifestyle brand that is “………Lululemon quality at a lower price point.” (Source: FastCompany).  He is using designers from DKNY and Fitbox items are all designed in house. The Fitbox activewear will fall into three categories: basic (for regular workouts), novelty (for lighter sweating), and athleisure, which could just as easily be worn to a light day at the gym or the farmer’s market.

Lowekey Media has also built Hoodcons (emojis from the streets), and Mumento, a mobile application and tool for users to embed video, music, pictures, and stop-motion graphics into a frame that they can then share with their entire social graph.

Lowe is a strong proponent for technology and is often a keynote speaker at technology events.